Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Insurance

Well, I had a dear friend give me a call this morning and due to her call, I decided to write this short note.

If you haven't heard about our own disaster, close to home, here is the article Slave Lake

Well my friend called her insurance company, to see what she needed to do to make sure she was covered if something like this were to happen to her. The advice she was given was to take a digital copy of everything, and I mean "everything" in her home. Details, because in an emergency situation, you will not remember all of the things you have. You will not remember most of the things you lost!

So in detail go through your home and make a digital copy with your camera or video camera, and then make several copies of it and keep them in various separate out of town locations, perhaps one in your vehicle too. While going through your home, actually lay out your clothing on your bed and itemize each one, how many shirts you own, how many socks, and so on. Go through each cupboard, closet, bathroom, and so on. And for those of us who have a rather large storage, well if we would want it replaced, then we must detail it all! And I would also suggest that after we have digitized it all, we also have it listed out in detail on paper. If you want to go even another step further, then write down the replacement value of each item. I know it sounds kind of like a daunting task, but well worth the time if it happens to be us in the crisis. I had another friend who had a small house fire in the past and if she would have done this, it would have saved her a ton of time after the fact. The insurance company will not make these lists for you, and they will not find the replacement costs for you, it is all up to you to do these things. So why not do them ahead of time, so that if the disaster happens to your home, and your family is dealing with shock and loss, you will not have the extra added stress of figuring out details of stuff!!

Just some food for thought here, but well worth the time to do it now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

52 Weeks

Sorry for those who have requested that I send them the 52 weeks zipped, and you have not received it yet. My laptop has crashed, and I thought that I managed to save the information first, however, it isn't looking so good.

Please feel free to use whatever you find on this site, and hopefully I will be able to save my files and still send them onto you.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prepare Every Needful Thing

I just attended a class this past week at Women's Conference in Provo and it was titled "Prepare Every Needful Thing".  One of the speakers talked about some things to do to help motivate us or others to be preparing.  I thought I would share a few of these with you.  Also remembering that reading these things and learning about them, means nothing unless you apply the action to doing them.
1. Set realistic goals.  Successful people are successful because they know where they are going / where they want to go.  Set your goals for your 72 hour kits, 3 month supply and longer term supply.  Set three realistic goals in each area and post them on your fridge where they are in your face all the time.  Review them regularly and revise them as needed.
2. Create a team of like minded people.  Teamwork will help us reach our goals sooner rather than later.  Meet together regularly, buy things in bulk, build on each others strengths; teamwork can take us far.
3. Plan carefully.  Lack of planning can usually be our worst disaster.  Plan, plan, and plan, then go and prepare.  Research and know what you want, and how much.  Planning will promote focus and will also reveal possible roadblocks that might lie ahead.
4. Get enthused.  Without enthusiasm, we will do nothing.  Enthusiasm will bring success.  Teamwork will help keep us enthused.
5. Stay focused.  Keep your goals in sight.  Change the way you think.  Start thinking in everything and every place...........what would happen if.........?
6. Create your habit.  A habit will change your perspective and drive you to action.  Create the habit of preparedness...........again, change the way you think.
7. Do more than is expected.  Know your city's emergency plan, share online your knowledge with others, use for help, keep small cash on hand (at least $1000 in small bills), learn to date every food item that comes into your house, keep your preparedness organized...........well you get the idea, do more than just what you HAVE to do.
8. Discipline yourself.  Change your habits, your buying habits, your thinking.  In an emergency there are no second chances.  We get one shot to get it right, so discipline yourself right now so that when the time comes for us to use what we know, we will be prepared.
9. Family communication.  Set a good example for your family and communicate to them the importance of preparedness.  Do you have a family emergency calling tree, a family budget, a family utilities shut off plan?  Do you have all of your vital family information in one book?  Do you have pictures of your home, and serial numbers of big items?  Think of things like this and make a family plan so they all know.
10. Faith!  Strengthen your faith through prayer and preparedness.  Faith combats fear.  The truth is the truth whether or not you believe it, so prepare and then have faith that you will e okay.  Don't be scared, just be prepared.