About Today.....

Today While The Sun Shines - started out by being a church family preparedness site.  We have evolved a bit since it's beginnings.  We are still all about being prepared in a crazy world where it seems nothing is stable anymore - we talk about preparedness on many different levels.  

There is a song that is titled "Today While The Sun Shines" and this is where I got the idea for this site, way back in 2007.  Here are a few of the words......

Today while the sun shines, work with a will;
Today all your duties with patience fulfill.
Today, while the birds sing, harbor no care;
Call life a good gift; call the world fair.

Today, today, work with a will;
Today, today, your duties fulfill.
Today, today, work while you may;
Prepare for tomorrow by working today.

Then there are a couple of more verses, but this is what pertains to preparedness.  Prepare for tomorrow by working today.

We can all prepare for whatever tomorrow brings.  It may bring joy and great things, but it may also bring heartache and calamity.  We just don't know, so we had best be prepared in any way we possibly can.