Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Goals

I thought I would share some of the top goals for preppers for the New Year.  Life has been a bit hectic for me lately, but I have started a few blogs, as you can probably see from my sidebar, and one of my goals is to write everyday on at least one of them.  As I look to the new year, and my prepping, I have some goals that I have set, and I am still in the planning of how to make them happen.  I have listed the top New Year's goals in general, on A List or Two blog, and here are the top Prepper Goals that I could find.  Hope you can set one or two that maybe you haven't already accomplished, and have great success this year in getting your family more prepared for whatever may come your way!

  • Get water storage
  • Set up a weekly preparedness buying plan - you could read further on this blog because I have that all right here for you
  • Set up a monthly preparedness plan - one month heating, one water, one shelter, etc
  • Food storage
  • Including family and friends
  • 72 hr emergency kits
  • Organize storage room - this is one of my big ones!
  • Gardening
  • Making home made items - like cheese
  • Learning a new skill
  • Beginning - make a plan to get prepared
  • Learning to can
  • Install a wood burning stove - also one of my goals
  • Learn some self defense
  • Purchase a generator - learn how to use it
  • Go camping more - to practice skills
  • Get physically fit - to endure more
  • Make a bug out plan
  • Practice more with preparedness tools
  • Put together a preparedness binder of info and personal info
  • Plant some fruit trees
  • Raise chickens or goats
  • Set up a bug out location
  • Alternate forms of medication
  • Take a first aid class
  • Purchase some good tools
  • Get it all organized
 Well there you have some great goal ideas for the coming year!  I will try to be much more faithful at keeping this blog full of information for you all, and myself as I work on my own goals.  Good luck with the New Year 2014 and may you NOT have to use all of the preparedness tools and supplies that you have worked so hard to get!