Friday, March 10, 2017


For those of you who like Today While The Sun Shines - I am totally in the process of creating my new Web Site.  I have been pouring hours and days into creating it, and my anticipated launch date is March 25, or sooner.  I am putting on some crazy, incredible, awesome things I have been working on.  Many free downloads.  Lists and checklists.  Homework for you.  Daily Short Preps for you.  Quotes for you.  And so much more. 

I am just putting on some of the finishing touches before I launch it.  I know, maybe I shouldn't worry quite so much about making sure it all flows and makes sense, because it will definitely be a lifetime work in progress, but what I do have available for you, I want to have done the best!

My new site -
Coming Mar 25, or sooner.  If you go there now, you won't get anything except a "coming soon"  but I promise it will be worth your visit once we launch!

And thus.............I will finally say goodbye to Today While The Sun Shines.  It has been an on and off journey of quite a few years, but my focus has grown and shifted.  Come and support me over at Inch By Inch