Sunday, July 28, 2013

Disasters and Why We Should Prepare!

Watch for part two coming this week to tell us what we should prepare!

I put together this video on why we should prepare,  the world is kind of a crazy place and this only summarizes a small part of it!


Lynn said...

Thank you!

It's interesting.......

A couple of Sunday's ago....a member of my Sunday school Class stood up and called me an "alarmist" when we were going through Scripture after scripture of the warnings to be prepared for times like these and how we should be aware of the signs that things will get worse before it all gets better. This person said that the ONLY reason it seemed like disasters were happening more and more, was because of modern technology that allowed us to know more of the disasters that have always been there. It just "seems like there is more".

Wow. Can you believe that?! So yes....even those who have been warned and warned.....still refuse to believe.

Thank you again for all your hard work in helping those who believe..... to BE PREPARED! The time is now.

Davilyn Atwood said...

Yes tech helps us know more and yes these things have always happened but they were few and far between. Now they are happening everywhere all at the same time which has not always been the case. There will always be those who dont see it and will be as in the parables of those who dont prepare and dont see it. We can only help those who want help. Alas thus is the frustration right? Thanks for the support . You are awesome!