Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Core Area #1 - Shelter

Shelter is at the top of the priority list for survival situations. Hypothermia can kill within 30 minutes if it is extremely cold. Heat can kill you just as fast. Proper shelter, especially in extreme weather is very important. Clothing, is a form of shelter for our bodies to protect us from the elements. Many of us have way too much clothing, but is any of it what we really need to survive.

I believe the first thing we should prepare for shelter - is our own home.  

Here is what one of my favorites - Alaska Granny - see what she has to say about staying in your own home if at all possible.

Extreme Heat link to what to do in extreme heat

Take Shelter in Place Video

When considering emergency shelter, here are a few thoughts:

Do you have shelter that will be quick and easy to transport and put up?  A good tent that will keep you out of nature's elements is of most importance.  The tent should be easy to set up and of good quality.

Think of what you would need to reinforce your shelter, even if it is in your own home,  things like duct tape, nails, plastic sheeting, tarps, good tent pegs, hammer

Will your clothing and shelter keep you alive if the weather is really cold?  What about if it is really hot? 
     A camper trailer of sorts really can make a good substitute shelter for your family, if you have to evacuate your home. To purchase an older one really is not very expensive either. You can have it stocked with your emergency supplies and ready to load and go at a moments notice. You can keep it full of non perishable food items, sanitation items, cooking utensils, cook stoves, alternate lighting, etc. They really are a great source of shelter, and also a great way to store your supplies, so it is easy for you to drop and run if you need. If you have to be gone from your home for a short period of time, while a disaster situation is being cleaned up or your home is being repaired, a camper will be far better than a tent.
    Ideally, setting up camp in your own home should be our first priority.  Making it work for any long term situation, is our ideal goal.  The best situation for a long term shelter self reliance is to be mortgage free on your home.

    Here is a short checklist for you to print out.  It has many blank spots for you to customize for your own individual circumstances.  

    Now go get ready and check shelter off your list for preparing for your ten core items!


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